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Hand poured in Brisbane, Australia ~ Blue Dominique Candles are carefully poured by expert chandlers, Tony & Valerie Strugar.

The unique and delicious scents of Blue Dominique are the creation of both Tony and Valerie's fragrance experiments in their pursuit to create the most divine triple scented candles in Australia.

Natural and proud... At Blue Dominique, we are proud to say that we use a 100% natural, coconut/soy blend candle wax sourced and produced in Australia, along with high quality fragrance oils and all natural cotton fibre wicks that are completely free of lead or other harmful metals, making them safe for you and the environment.

Vegan friendly and animal cruelty free... Not only do we care about the planet, our commitment to the environment also means that we care about all types of living creatures. We can therefore proudly announce that our products are also free from animal testing, and all ingredients used during production are Vegan Friendly. 

Why coconut/soy wax? Other than the fact that soy and coconut candle wax candles don't release harmful toxins, carcinogens or pollutants into the air when burning like other candle waxes, they also don't produce petrol-carbon soot that you get from petroleum based paraffin candles. Performance wise, our premium soy/coconut blend candles on average burn longer, cool faster, and conjure a more powerful and robust scent than other commonly used candle waxes.

We don't just create fragrances... we create experiences. Each of our Blue Dominique triple scented candles have been crafted and formulated with maximum fragrance loads, ensuring you are gifted with a full bodied and robust scented candle that will remain for hours. We have carefully tried and tested all of our products using the highest quality wax, wick sizes, temperatures, curing times, and fragrance loads, before releasing them to you in our signature fragrance range. See a full description and strength rating of each fragrance here.


Triple what? Ever wondered what the term "Triple Scented" means? Be confused no more. Triple Scented does not mean that triple the amount of fragrance is present in a candle. Yes, Blue Dominique candles are scented with maximum fragrance loads, however, a Triple Scented Candle is one that possesses great depth, distinction, and sophistication in its aroma. At different times during the burning cycle of a candle you will experience different scents, bringing you a complex fragrance to appreciate and love. Here are the depths to understand:


Top Notes

The top notes of a fragrance is the first or superficial layer of scents that are distinguished immediately upon experiencing the candle. Although they are the first to be recognised and first to fade, the top notes are a very important element in a scents complexity and enjoyment.

Middle Notes

Also referred to as the fragrance's 'heart notes' due to its strong influence on the overall depth and body of the fragrance, the middle notes last longer than the top notes, bringing a fulfilling level of complexity to the scent in preparation of the base notes to follow.

Base Notes

The final element to reveal themselves in a fragrance is the base notes. Forming the foundation of the fragrance along with the heart notes, the base notes provide the lasting impression of a fragrance, and are often the most richest notes.


See our Fragrances range here.

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