Our Journey & Mission

Lovers of stylish home decor and mesmerising scents, Blue Dominique co-founders Tony and Valerie Strugar set off on an scentsual journey to design and create the most divinely scented candles in Australia.

We live each and every day in continual pursuit of further excellence in our products. Whether it be imagining and formulating more new and unique scents, or expanding our range of high stylish candle pieces for our collection, we are always looking toward the future in bringing you the finest quality triple scented candles and products. View our Signature Fragrances, or go straight to our Collections range to purchase your next Blue Dominique scented candle as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Striving for a higher purpose in life beyond materialism, Blue Dominique are committed to giving back to the community and helping those that are less fortunate on this planet. Whether people are enduring mental health issues, family tragedies, health concerns or financial struggles, as part of the Blue Dominique brand we have made it a mission of ours to make a difference in peoples lives. As part of that commitment, a percentage of each and every online sale will be donated to our quarterly charity of choice. By supporting Blue Dominique, you are a part of that journey of higher purpose with us... so we thank you.

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