Crafty Carseldine

With the excitement and anticipation of weekend festivities ahead, what better way to start off the weekend with a Saturday morning stroll through the Carseldine Farmers and Artisan Markets.

No matter what your vice... whether it's the smell of freshly brewed espresso coffee in the morning, sizzling bacon and egg breakfast rolls being cooked right in front of you, superfood juices and smoothies or freshly baked pastries from local bakers and produce providers, your aromatic senses will be in overdrive as you casually walk through the leafy corridors and alleys of this premier Brisbane marketplace.

As you make your way through, prepare to be dazzled by some of the finest arts and crafts vendors, floristry specialists and talented jewellery makers showcasing their masterpieces for customers to appreciate and enjoy. Their passion and hard work is all worthwhile when they see a delighted and happy customer.

And there... Just when you thought you'd seen them all... You see a stall with a large crowd around it. But what's happening there?... The people there all have their heads buried in something... but what is it? As you make your way closer, you see a gorgeous range of unique hand made candle pieces... some glistening, some shining, some with a simple and classic rustic style of pure wood and earthy tones. Seeing the expression of bliss and delight on the shoppers faces from the candle aroma... you just have to smell for yourself...

Now... take a deep breath...and let your senses do the work. Enjoy :)