Piggyback Cafe Inspiration

Who would have thought that coffee could taste and look this good..?

On a recent visit to The Piggy Back Cafe in Jindalee on the outskirts of Brisbane in search for some gourmet fragrance inspiration, we had the wonderful opportunity to experience first hand one of their famous Rainbow Latte's... and let me tell you... we were not disappointed!

Served with a shot of espresso on the side... you almost don't want to ruin the colourful masterpiece of rainbow milk in front of you. After we waited for almost 5 minutes to admire the beauty, we poured in the espresso and had our morning coffee fix from heaven.

Not only does this fabulous cafè serve the best coffee art in Queensland, and possibly Australia for that sake, their delicious menu is filled with classic favourites... but with their own unique twist. With Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free choices on the menu, it's no surprise that this place was full of happy customers.

With a particular fancy on the day for something sweet, we couldn't go past their Mango Pancakes. With a sweet, creamy, coconuty taste and fragrance, it immediately reminded us of our Mango and Coconut Sorbet fragrance... and is certainly one to go back for.

This cafe will definitely remain on our watchlist for further fragrance inspiration for the Blue Dominique Fragrance Range. Until next time... the hunt for gourmet fragrance supremacy continues.


Mango Pancakes.. A resemblance to our Mango and Coconut Sorbet Fragrance