Triple Scented Candles... What does it mean?

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Beautiful Scented Candle
Triple Scented Candles... Aromatic Complexity

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion these days when it comes to understanding what a "Triple Scented Candle" is... Some think that it's a candle that has triple the amount of scent that other candles have, and is therefore super potent in strength.. I'm here today to tell you that it isn't the case!! OMG! If it was the case, what is the base strength that it is "triple" of? Some candle makers use 6%, some use 8%, some use 10%... So is a Triple Scented Candle 18%, 19% or 30% fragrance?... Which one of these is the notion Triple Scented Candle based off?...

To answer this elusive question.. A "Triple Scented Candle" refers to the level of depth to experience in the aromas of the candle. A Triple Scented Candle has a scent of spectacular complexity, that release different aromas at different times in the burning cycle of the candle. There are top notes, middle notes, and base notes to appreciate in a Triple Scented Candle. As you will see from the descriptions in the Blue Dominique fragrance range, each have great depth and aromatic qualities that make them a truly "Triple Scented Candle".

The reality for candle makers is that making the perfect candle is a much more complex and scientific craft than one might think. (We secretly loooooove to wear a good ol' lab coat every now and then by the way...) The candle making process isn't simply a "throw any amount of fragrance into some wax and it will work"... There are many elements that determine how much fragrance should be added. Some waxes are not capable of high fragrance loading, some fragrances will not hold right when used in high concentrations in some wax. Finding the right amount of fragrance to use in reaching the ideal scent strength and wax consistency is a long game of trial and error... And we love it... BD.

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