Wooden Wick Candle Crackle..

Scented candle crackling with wooden wick
Wooden Wick

Have you ever experienced sitting around a warm fireplace, listening to it ever so soothingly crackling away in front of you? Well you don't need a fireplace anymore to experience that.

There's no question... the crackling sound of a wooden wick candle is fantastic.. It is the ultimate drawcard for lovers of wooden wick candles. The distinctive, horizontal flame that it delivers can be mesmerising.. BUT... only when produced by a candle maker who has rigorously tested multiple wick sizes with a combination of different waxes and fragrances to create the perfect wood wick candle. We have had countless numbers of people speak to us about problems in their wooden wick candles from other companies. Purchase a wooden wick candle from a candle maker that uses the wrong wick size among other things, and you can be in for a short lived candle with minimal crackle, poor scent throw and a less than impressive flame, that you used your hard earned money to buy!

Ever wondered why they make their beautiful crackling noise?

Ok... Let me put my scientist glasses on for this one. The fascinating crackling noise is the result of a chemical reaction. Compared to cotton wicks, wooden wicks produce a far greater temperature in candles, and without such high temperature, the chemical reaction cannot occur. As the wooden wick is under ignition and combusts, the cellulose in the wood is changing from a solid to a gas, and as this is occurring, gas molecules become trapped in the wood. As the temperature continues to rise and the gas expands, the cell walls are weakened. As the gas escapes and the cell walls burst, the chemical reaction occurs, and the result is soothing crackling sound.


At Blue Dominique, our number one priority is for your candle to radiate out a full bodied, delicious gourmet scent. We are currently putting our candles through test after test, so that we can bring you a brand new wooden wick collection to go with our Rustic, Chic and Marble collections.

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